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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Weigh In & Partial Success at the Gym!

This morning I burned approximately 750 calories at the gym.  Woohoo!  I completed the water aerobics class, but I left the Zumba class 20 minutes early.  I went to the gym on an empty stomach so I stopped in the cafe to have breakfast.  I had a smoothie before water aerobics, and I bought a protein bar for between classes.  Well, I ate the protein bar before I went to Zumba and I don't think it agreed with me.  My stomach was all sorts of swishy during class and there were a few times I had to pause and linger over my water to let my stomach settle back down.  I was also developing a massive headache, which didn't help.  I tried to stick it out but Zumba was getting too jumpy for me.  So I used the time at the Member Services desk to finish adding Hubs to my account.  Then I went to Caribou to pick up some real food (since I don't really have any at home) and coffee to help both my head and my stomach.  Even though I left Zumba early, I am proud of myself for making it to the class in the first place.  During water aerobics I just wanted to leave, but I kept thinking to myself that I HAD to go otherwise I would be disappointed with myself. 

I also had a successful weigh in, down 1.2 pounds from October 20th.  I am annoyed that I forgot to weigh myself last week to get an actual number of pounds lost in one week.  But ... I guess down is down, right?  So, woohoo for me again.

I did feel good about being at the gym on a Saturday morning and burning calories during a time I would usually be lying in bed or just lounging in my house.  Maybe I'll add Saturdays to my routine too, but let's take it one at a time, shall we?

Weigh in - 207.4
Lost 1.2 lbs

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