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Monday, November 5, 2012

A Fantastic Weekend

I had a freaking blast at Zumba last night.  My BFF has a few weeks left of membership at the same gym as me, and she came down from her too far away house to shake it with me.  I went to a class lead by one of the top Zumba instructors in the state.  I loved it.  I'm actually looking forward to going again.  After a weekend of THREE aerobics classes, I am pretty sore today.  My calves and my shoulders are yelling at me.  I can also feel it in my inner thighs when I walk.  PAIN IS GOOD!  Let's keep this up!

I found out about this cool site today -  In a nutshell, you sign up and can either join a game or start your own with friends.  People in the game place bets and have 4 weeks to lose 4% of their weight.  Everyone's money goes into the game's "pot" and at the end, whoever has lost at least 4% wins a slice of the pot.  There are several open games with varied amounts you need to bet, and have a varied amount of players which of course means a bigger pot to win from.  I'm not sure yet if it's something I want to do, because if I'm honest with myself I'm not sure if I can lose 4% in 4 weeks, but I really like the idea of it.  I really, really like the idea of it.  After looking through the website it looks pretty freaking cool!

Yesterday I ate out for lunch, AND had fondue for dinner with Hubs.  Since I burned 665 calories during Zumba, I came out with a deficit of 701 calories.  Not too shabby considering those two meals!  I am looking forward to this week because I am starting to pick up work lunch and snacks in the lower calorie range, helping me out with staying in range of my daily calorie goal.  Last week I tracked, but the snacks I had were still fairly high calorie.  This should be a good week!  I also brought in my gigantor water bottle today, so I'll start drinking from it and peeing a lot.  Back when I lost a bunch of weight several years ago, I had the most success when I drank 60oz water per day.  I can't remember how many ounces this has, but it's massive!

Maybe I should bet on myself.  Hmmm....

Yesterday's totals
Calories consumed - 2018
Calories burned - 2719
Deficit - 701

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