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Friday, November 2, 2012

Finally, some success!

Yesterday actually ended as a good day.  Woohoo!  I was under calories a bit, so I had a pretty good deficit.  Tomorrow will be my first weigh in day after logging and tracking again.  Also, since the class I was going to the other night was canceled, I plan on going to water aerobics at 9am, then Zumba at 10:30am.  Phew!  Wish me luck on that.  To help keep up my motivation, after Zumba I get to sit in the eucalyptus steam room after I'm all done.  Ahhhh, peace.  Feels so good in there.  I'm debating whether I should buy new shoes for Zumba because when I did Zumba before, my shoes were hard to Zumba in.  I couldn't move or turn quickly because my shoes stuck to the floor, and as a result it always hurt my ankles.  I've been googling shoes to wear to Zumba and I could get dance sneakers, but there are also less obvious but still good for dancing sneakers available.  I want something with a low profile and that isn't too bulky.  Something I can move well in.  Something that's not too obvious to me that I'm wearing shoes.  Decisions, decisions.

Yesterdays totals:
Calories consumed - 1361
Calories burned - 2156
Deficit - 795

1 comment:

  1. Look at you!! Keep it up lady!
    And I would definitely get some Zumba shoes. Better safe than sorry!