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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Mini Challenges

Today I was reading my current guilty pleasure chick lit, Confessions of a Failed Anorexic.  The lead character is struggling with her weight and internally wonders if she's so overweight that even if she loses 20 pounds, will anyone notice?  Will her husband notice?  I think exactly the same things.  With almost 80 pounds to lose before I reach my ultimate goal, it feels like it will be forever before anyone (or even myself) starts noticing any weight loss.  So, my very very dear friend and fellow blogger suggested I set mini-challenges for myself.  I've thought about doing mini-challenges before, but I never know what goal to set.  I know what my ultimate goal is, so having mini-goals seems anti-climatic.  This time though, maybe I need to try something different.

Having reached my highest weight ever, I'm going to set my first goal as getting back into ONEderland.  Now, I really hate that phrase.  Alas, getting back to "ONEderland" is what I need to do first.  I'm adding a new ticker to my blog to track my current mini-challenges.  The ultimate loss ticker and chart just seem too depressing to me, too far fetched.  I'll keep those, but I need to see some sliding action happen faster than the ticker for my ultimate goal.

Hooray to my friend for suggesting it!! xo


  1. TWO mentions in one post!? Damn girl! You're the best. I believe in you darling! It's scary and frustrating and exhausting.. but I think if we're just consistent, SOMETHING has to change right?? I mean our story is, we're motivated for a week or 2 and then fall off the wagon. Then we let ourselves go again for a little while. Well, I think when we fall off the wagon (and it WILL happen, and that's ok!!) we just have to get right back on.. and not the next day, or the next Monday.. the next MEAL. That's all! If we are consistent, we will be rewarded. Or, we SHOULD be at least! Love you girl!

    1. Aww thanks hun. What would I do without you?! Hopefully between my belief in you and your belief in me, we can make it through the rough times together!