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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Flukes, Shoes, and Injuries

I started to weigh myself daily and I'm down.  Like, down down.  This morning when I weighed myself at 206.8 lbs, I thought for sure this is a fluke.  Any time I lose weight, it's a fluke.  If the scale continues to reflect downward numerals, then it's less of a surprising fluke, but still a fluke nonetheless.  Time will tell if this fluke is a fluke fluke or if it's actually loss.  My pants do feel less squeezy though.  I attended two Zumba classes this weekend!

Which is a great segue into my next topic; Shoes.  As I previously blogged about, I was thinking about getting shoes for Zumba.  I've been wearing my regular tennis shoes because they have a smooth sole and aren't clunky like athletic style shoes.  However, they're just casual every day tennis shoes, not workout specific supportive tennis shoes.  Which lead me to go ahead and buy Zumba shoes.  (Besides the fact that my feet didn't like doing lateral movements in my tennis shoes, they are also kinda starting to smell like funk.)  The problem with a running-type shoe is that the soles are too sticky to pivot on a wooden floor.  I also just prefer shoes that are more low-profile (read:less noticeable) than clunky running shoes.  So I googled my options and ended up with these beauties:

They also come in all black, all white, and white with a touch of blue, but I like the fun of grey and pink.  I think I'll add pink laces to make them extra fun.  What is Zumba if not for fun?  RIGHT!  I'm super excited to get them in the mail, and since Zappos is freaking awesome, if I need to go up a size then I can exchange for free.  SCORE!  Despite their unholy price, but let's not tell my husband that.  The pink circle at the bottom makes them good for pivoting during Zumba.  They are my first ever fancy brand athletic shoes.  I am quite happy that I'm working out diligently enough to render buying fancy brand athletic shoes.  Which in turn is a great segue to my next topic....

Injuries.  This weekend we got the slightest kiss of snow on the ground.  It is cold, and the snow is already gone.  HOWEVER, the day before it snowed, it rained.  One of the streets in my neighborhood tends to collect puddles, but I forgot about this while walking my Pug in the snow.  So.  My heel, quickly followed by my knee, found the only patch of ice in our neighborhood.  I landed directly on my knee, followed by a twist of my ankle.  This left me couch-bound for the rest of the day and I started to worry that I had sprained my knee.  I don't think I did because this morning it felt better instead of worse, but I am still having trouble on stairs and going from a sitting to a standing position.  Which worries me about working out.  Which is ironic considering I've never really been concerned about an injury effecting a workout before, until of course, I'm two weeks into my gym membership and manage to hurt myself.  So, I'll play it by ear, and maybe do water aerobics Saturday instead of Zumba.  I imagine the water would be much more gentle.  But I waaaaaaaaant to do Zumba.  I should be going to the gym Wednesday night too, but Hubs and I have to take Pug to the vet, therefore missing my Wednesday night water aerobics.  Again.  C'est la vie.

Current weight - 206.8

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