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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Post Thanksgiving Weigh In

Well, I gained.  But I only gained .2 lbs, so considering it was Thanksgiving this week, that's not too bad.  I am quite happy that I didn't extend the holiday thinking by more than one day.  I also didn't over indulge on Thanksgiving, so I feel good about that.  I think I can almost get back to Zumba but every time I think my knee is good enough, it start to protest again.  I judge this mostly by my ability to use stairs.  I've been trying to use stair rails as crutches to get up and down stairs faster without putting too much strain on my knee.  When it starts protesting I pop some ibuprofen and stop trying to use my knee.  So, we'll see.  My friend that has been going to Zumba with me on Sunday nights is back in town, but I'm not entirely sure I'll be ready to shake it by tomorrow. 

Despite knowing that I shouldn't be too upset over a .2 lb gain, today I am feeling rather blue.  Something triggered some negative self thinking so I'm stuck feeling unpretty right now.  I am hoping that my next Gwynnie Bee package is in today's mail so I have a pretty new outfit to wear to work tomorrow.

I think part of the reason I'm feeling bleh about the gain is, again, it reinforces that I have no idea why I'm not losing weight.  I eat about 1450-1550 calories per day and burn between 2100-2300 on a normal day.  I finally scheduled my annual physical so that will be something I'll ask about. 

On the bright side, Elf for Health kicks off on Monday!  The first daily challenge is Meatless Monday, so I'll have to find something vegetarian to munch on.  Maybe I'll take this opportunity to pick up some veggie burgers, I used to have them for lunch all the time!  Yummmmm.  Tomorrow I get to find out who my first Elf buddy is!

Any vegetarian ideas for me?  Has anyone tried making tofu?

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  1. Have you tried Indian food.But not from a Indian restaurant,they put too much fat and full fat cream.Try Amy's frozen Indian food.Its so good or you can also buy Indian frozen foods from Indian grocery stores.Good luck