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Monday, November 19, 2012

Not Losing and Confused

21 days.  21 days is how long I've been counting calories religiously.  In 21 days my weight has barely fluctuated.  What gives?  I checked my history on Calorie Count to make sure I haven't been fooling myself into thinking I've been doing well when I really haven't been.

The green bars are my deficits, the red is when I went over.  The purple line indicates the calories I burned that day, the blue line indicates calories consumed. (The empty green bar on the right is today, and all the check marks across the top are today's numbers so far.)

Okay.... so two days out of 21 have I gone over.  Why am I not losing?  When I had counted calories previously, and didn't lose, I thought maybe I was still eating too many calories and that I don't burn what Calorie Count believes is average.  Hence, my Bugg.  In using my BodyBugg I discovered that I burn around 2100-2300 calories on a day that I don't exercise.  On Calorie Count, I actually had to change my activity level from Sedentary because the daily burned calories didn't match what I actually burned.  On days that I work out, I add the activity to Calorie Count and make sure that my calories burned for that day equal to roughly what my Bugg says that I've burned.  So, this chart should be pretty accurate.  My therapist and NP friend have encouraged me to make my appointment for my physical, so maybe I do need to make that appointment so I can bring this up.  This honestly doesn't make sense to me, and it's frustrating.  What am I missing?

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  1. I don't trust any of those charts or online things with formulas on determining how many calories you burn. I went to my health club and got a metabolic testing done, where they hooked me up and looked at my heart rate and my CO2 output to determine various things, one of them being how many calories I need without exercise. Mine was only 1500! And I am a very active person. Also, be weary of getting TOO FEW calories. You will put your body into starvation mode and your metabolism will slow down to protect itself. I NEVER go below 1500 (I am 5 '3 and 125 lbs. approx). Good luck! SOunds like you are super motivated. It is just finding the right mix for you. PS. I love MY FITNESS PAL. I use it to keep my intake in line!!!