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Monday, August 12, 2013

A Happy Surprise (No, I'm not pregnant)

I decided since I am back on the wagon, I should go ahead and bring my scale back from the dead and buy it a shiny new battery.  I went to check it, stepped on it just to be sure, and found that it's alive.
Bravely, I let it weigh me.  I was fresh out of the shower, dressed, with slippers on.  Generally I weigh myself as soon as I wake up, after I use the bathroom.  Nekked.  Dry as a bone.  I expected the number to be fairly high, considering my hair was still very wet and I have been avoiding the scale for around two months, but it surprised me.  Despite my damp state, the number that appeared was surprisingly low.  Like, I've probably lost around ten pounds without noticing low.  Maybe even more considering how tight my clothes had gotten which made me even less inclined to fix my scale because I didn't care to see what number I had gotten up to.  So.  That's nice.

On to more news.  I have received my Turbo Jam package, poured over all the reading materials, and maintained the eating plan I started last week.  Today I'll do my first TJ workout.  As for nutrition, I have a list of foods that are good and a list of not so good foods.  The document also includes a few recipe suggestions.  So here is my eating plan for this week:

Greek yogurt with a bit of granola

Hawaiian chicken
Honey glazed carrots

Luna bar

Snack #2 (to be eaten whenevs)
White peach

Butter lettuce salad with mandarin oranges and sesame dressing
Baked sweet potato fries (frozen)

Frozen honey greek yogurt bites with banana, topped with chocolate (or a fruit & milk Fruttare)

Mmmm.  Sounds like a tasty week to me!  Today I discovered my breakfast yogurt (that I bought yesterday) was spoiled (note to self: always check the expiration dates when grocery shopping), so I'll have my peach for breakfast.  And I shoved some granola in my face.  Tasty!  Want some recipes?  Stay tuned!

(Crap.  I just realized the peach I grabbed wasn't one of the ripe ones.  I think I am doomed for breakfast today.)

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