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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Post Number One

I am binging.  I binge every time I'm about to go on a diet.  I load up on all the goodies I love, probably gaining some pre-diet weight in the process.  I've tried lots of diets.  Weight Watchers.  Calorie Counting.  Nutrisystem.  Herbalife.  HCG123.  Calorie counting again.  Weight Watchers again.  I am always motivated for the first month or so, then I revert back to my old ways.  Vacation is a killer for me.  I travel a lot and whenever I go out of town, I go on vacation mode from my diet.  Then I have a returning home vacation high for two or three days.  Then I just give in to the fact that I've fallen off my own diet wagon.  I settle into being ok with myself.  Then one day I go back to wanting a better body.  I think about how daunting that seems, how overwhelming it seems.  To change the way I eat and live.  To exercise.  I let go of all self control.  I binge.  I feel miserable.  I want to start trying to lose weight again.  So I pre-diet binge some more.  It's a vicious cycle.  Here we go again.

Last weigh in 10/20/12 - 208.6 lbs.  Record high.

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