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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Day One - A Shaky Beginning

Today I started diligently tracking what I eat.  I brought my BodyBugg cord to work and it's fully recharged (but not yet back on my arm) so it's ready to go.  I've tracked what I plan on eating for the remainder of the day and I am over by 210 calories.  Not so bad, but not so great.  Tomorrow I'm going to the gym straight from work and going to water aerobics.  Hubs and I went there Sunday to get my membership reinstated, and tomorrow when I'm there I'll add him to the plan.  They had misplaced some spreadsheet so they weren't able to quote us a price to add him at that time.  Just being in the gym gave me an indescribable feeling.  It's so familiar - the way it smells and everything.  Hubs got a tour of the facility since he had never been there, and the pool was so perfect and enticing.  Calm, quiet, peaceful.  I just love the way the water feels.  I'm excited to get into the water and move around!  Maybe I'll start seeing the pounds go down soon.  I've felt this before.  Cautiously optimistic.  The desire to lose weight, the fear of failure.  The excitement of thinking I can do it, the anxiety that I won't.

On a serious note, my thoughts go out to those effected by Hurricane Sandy.  I have a very good friend in New York who I have not heard from, I'm worried and have been scouring news websites on updates from the area.  Be safe everyone!

Daily calorie target - 1450
(Potential) Actual calories consumed - 1660
Approximate calorie deficit - 440

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  1. Aw hunny buns, you worried about me? Glad we were able to reconnect today! Loving the blog so far, you are a fantastic writer! Keep up the good work! xo