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Friday, October 26, 2012

Ideas That Are Less Than Great

During my lunch break I needed to run to Trader Joe's to pick up several bottles of wine. (They were for a party, I'm not THAT big of a lush.)  Since I was skipping a meal to do this, everything in the store sounded like a great lunch.  Plus this.  And that.  Maybe some of this too.  I picked up a salad for lunch.  Nice and light, and since it's coming from TJ's, healthy.  I also had picked up an orange for a recipe over the weekend, and they looked so vibrant and juicy that I picked one up for myself too.  Go me!  What a great lunch ahead of me.  Then I remembered the massive chocolate cravings that have been hitting me in the afternoon, and I had NO forms of chocolate at my desk.  Except the chocolate candy corn in my Autumn Mix, but those hardly count as chocolate.  Knowing that TJ's has awesome snacky food, I looked around for something deliciously chocolatey.  Thus, I find dark chocolate covered pretzels.  Score!  Eight pieces to a serving, I can work with that.  Except by the time I get to my desk to eat I'm so famished that I open the bag just to have a couple to take the edge off my starvation.  Bad idea.  Now I've eaten several more pretzels than allowed in a serving, and my stomach is protesting.  I'm sure the orange would help settle my stomach, but now the idea of eating an acidy orange isn't so appealing.  Sigh.

Also my BodyBugg died today, so I took it off when I realized it never turned on this morning.  Boo.  At least I've been drinking my water!

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