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Thursday, October 25, 2012


Today I put on my BodyBugg again.  Hubs bought me my Bugg per my request for my birthday a couple of months ago.  I've traveled a couple of times in the last month so I dwindled down to not wearing my Bugg at all.  Since I intend to start watching my diet again, I decided to start wearing my Bugg again.  Today I also decided to start logging my food on Calorie Count, even though today I'm not attempting to aim for any particular goal.  That is until next week.  I find that logging my food really makes me second guess what I put in my mouth because I don't want to track something that utterly sucks.  I know it pays to be really diligent because of my weight loss several years ago.  Back then with every pound I lost, I was amazed that I was physically capable of losing any weight.  I kept thinking it was a fluke.  My clothes started falling off of me, even down to my skiivies.  Crazy shiznitch!  But, I was younger then.  I'm on different meds now and they're probably effing with my hormones.  Or I'm just making excuses to give myself a mental block and telling myself I can't do it.  I'm not sure.  But, I'm going to try. 

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