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Friday, December 7, 2012

Meeting with a Registered Dietitian: Mind. Blown.

This post is actually a few days overdue, but my friend and I met with a Registered Dietician the other night.  Since counting calories in vs. out has frustratingly not had the effect I've known to believe should be true, I had been thinking about meeting with an RD to see what I really need to do.  This meeting was one of the best meetings I've ever had, ever.  I went into it thinking she would tell me to eat less fat, less sugar, less of anything that tastes good.  But, she didn't!!!!!

She glanced through my food log without much comment, except on the coffee I drink.  She asked where do the mochas come from?  I said probably Starbucks or McDonalds (just because Caribou is too far away from work to go to regularly).  I proudly said I get it with skim milk and no whipped cream (you know, the much-less-tasty version of what I really want).  Know what she said?  Get it with whole milk.


She then proceeded to draw out what happens with carbs, using skim milk as an example.  Skim milk, having all the fat sucked out of it, is filled with carbs.  Carbs turn into Glucose.  Glucose knocks on your cell's door, and your cell lets it in to produce energy.  Insulin helps that door open.  However, with too much glucose, your cells get tired of opening the door repeatedly and tells you to eff off.  Well, actually it just builds an insulin resistance.  When glucose has no where to go, it turns into fat.  Or puffs up your fat cells, actually I think that's what it does.  Because you can't get rid of fat cells, only shrink them.

Then, she asked what I have as a typical breakfast.  Oatmeal.  At my desk.  Which is all carbs.  She said that when I eat carbs, it makes my blood sugar spike.  Then I crash and I'm starving again.  So I eat more carbs and the cycle continues.  If I eat protein, that will keep my blood sugar level and help me stay full.
Soooo, what do I do now?  The RD laid out a list of foods with a diagram of my plate.

Plus I need to be sure to eat enough fat, because fat doesn't make you fat, it keeps you full!  Now, that doesn't mean I get to stuff my face with cream and butter.  This means I get to use it in cooking or on my veggies, etc.
Which lead to my next question.  What kind of fat is good or bad?  Only trans fat is bad fat.  Again, mind. blown. 

So. Freaking. Happy.  This plan seems completely doable and I'm so excited to get going this weekend.  I forgot to mention I get to have fruit too, in 1/2 cup servings (for fresh or frozen fruit) as long as I eat it with protein.  This concept is not completely new to me, when I was on Nutrisystem we had to eat fruit with protein as well to prevent blood sugar spikes.

Oh, and I'm super pumped that I get to have heavy cream and butter.  My French side is beside herself with joy.

**Please do not read this post and take my information as if I was the dietitian giving you advice.  I am not a dietitian, and am merely recounting my experience and explaining the plan meant for me.**


  1. Heyyyy... found you through BlogHer, read through some stuff, and this post resonated with me SERIOUSLY! I love my lattes and have taken to getting the non-fat milk version with the hopes of saving myself from unnecessary calories/cloggy arteries, but I've not noticed a difference from my full-fat happy version. Your story sounds super similar to my own... I've struggled with my weight FOREVER, especially since I had my boys. Lost 20 pounds last year with crazy work outs, 10 came creeping back because of a temporary prescription (blech.)Trying to find some balance. Thanks for having the courage to spill your guts about something so personal!

    1. Hey! Thanks for checking out my blog! You can imagine my happiness when the RD told me I could have the full fat versions of my happy coffee drinks. I went into the meeting terrified she would tell me to cut them out entirely. I might have died if she had! Good luck with the re-loss. That's never fun having to do what you've already done, especially when a prescription did the un-doing. At least you know you *can* lose weight when you put your mind to it. For a long time I thought I literally was incapable of losing weight. I still need some consistent results, but I really feel like I'm on the right track now!

  2. LOVE this post and LOVE you!! Even as a nurse practitioner our meeting with the RD blew my mind!! The media/magazines/skinny b-words totally skew reality and mess with your head. I think meeting with an RD is an essential first step for anyone trying to lose weight--get REAL facts and a plan specifically for YOU! Let's do this! :0) -Q-

  3. absolutely love the insulin resistance pictures! Did you come up with that yourself?

    1. Lol yes ... based on your wonderful info as interpreted by my silly imagination. I made all those illustrations. :)